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tv   Iowa In Focus  FOX  February 14, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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experts say came out the strongest.we take a deeper look at the epidemic speading across the united states -- and the local effort to stop it. welcome to iowa in focus -- where we're giving context to what happens in the headlines and on the campaign trail. trail.that starts with the barnstorm. the nation's eyes turned to new hampshire tuesday after the iowa caucuses gave some candidates a momentum boost. boost.bernie sanders was supposed to beat hillary clinton near his home state -- and he did pretty easily. sanders told the crowd that this was evidence that his political revolution is for real -- but clinton was gearing up for what could be a long -- nationwide race that she's still expected to win. "i know i have some work to do particularly with young people but i will repeat what i said this week. that even if they are not supporting me now, i support them.we won because we
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excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. on the republican side -- just like the biggest story out of iowa was marco rubio -- who didn't even win -- donald trump's runaway new hampshire victory was overshadowed by john kasich's surprise second place finish. "maybe just maybe we are turning the page on a dark part of american politics because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning""i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember that." now that new hampshire has been decided -- donald trump and bernie sanders officially get onto our victor's board. board.they join hillary clinton and ted cruz from their wins in -- everyone's looking at nevada and south carolina -- where both republicans and democrats weigh in next.
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candidates were jersey governor chris christe and former heulett-packard c-e-o carly fiorina ended their runs for the white house. late in the week -- jim gilmore also dropped out. after a big momentum shift from iowa to new hampshire for both political parties -- i sat down with university of iowa political science professor cary covington to sort it all out. out. kasich did well in new hampshire and rubio did well in iowa. what's the take away doing well in they did well relaltive to expectations. 16 percent of the vote is nothing to get excited about but when you're expected to be in single digits its a big deal. cruz's performance in new hampshrie is impressive for the same reasons. kasich in particular
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nominating contest becuase everyone was expecting someone from the establishemnt to rise to the top and after iowa everyone was watching rubio. no one thought it would be kasich so it resets the race. without christie, we're down to three but none has a clear path. path. is this a chance for cruz to get stronger with super
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close? it's a chance for him to shine. it's not a place where he's going to beat donald trump in most fo the states. of the south. he can put distance between cruz and the establishment adn that would push the establishemnt to choose between the lesser of two evils, cruz and trump. they've tried to make their peace with trump because they don't like cruz. cruz.does sander's fundraising after iowa and new hampshrie
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player? it gives him an opportunity to play, without the money, how do you buy air time and build and organzation. it gives him a platform on which to build. for the first time since the campaign started -- bernie sanders took a debate stage against hillary clinton with a clear -- and decisive win in his pocket. pocket.early on -- he compared his campaign to other presidents who had redefined what the role of the government could be in the united states -- while hillary clinton kept highlighting the differences between sanders and president obama. "in this particular moment of serious crisis, saying to the american people don't give up on the poltiical proces. don't listen to the trumps of the world and allowing them to
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healthcare for all people. today, senator sanders says president obama has failed the presidential leadership test and this is not the first time he has criticized president obama. a few days later -- the republicans had their second saturday night debate in as many weeks. weeks.with donald trump and ted cruz expected to do well in many southern states -- it was time for s. so, gentlemen, please join us on stage. ( applause )should be impeached? >> you do whatever you want. you call it whatever you he's had. ( applause ) and, frankly, i could care less about the insults that donald trump gives to me. it's blood sport for him. he enjoys it. and i'm glad he's happy did bit. >> he spent $22 million-- >> i'm sick and tired every week -- we'll be going inside iowa politics -- talking about the people not trying to move into the white house.
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between a former governor and current governor terry branstad.steffi lee shows us what chet culver is doing to speak out against medicaid privatization. privatization. former governor chet culver is holding these medicaid town hall meetings because he says iowans concerns on medicaid privatization need to be heard. he says patients have asked questions about this switch for a year now - but are getting no answers due to poor public policy making.culver spoke to medicaid advocates - primarily parents worried about their kids losing out on services like speech therapy. with more than half a million who will be affected by the privitization - culver says this is the most important public policy decision made in iowa within the last fifty years.governor terry branstad heavily criticized culver about holding these meetings - saying culver's one-time state spending on medicaid from when he was governor threatened funding for the program.culver says these meetings are about citizens talking with other citizens - before they rally at the capitol about this issue on february 24th. 24th."part of the frustration
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now, iowans, hospitals, beneficiaries, family members, have not had an opportunity to sit at the table to help shape the policy." policy."coming up on the cbs 2 news at six, hear one mom's story about the services she's afraid her son will miss out on when march first hits.for iowa in focus, i'm steffi lee medicaid advocates plan to rally at the statehouse on february 24th the democratic controlled senate in des moines wasted no time taking action. action.they passed a bill that would end the switch to private companies right away. the republican-controlled house has already said they'll kill it.the senate also passed a bill increasing public school funding by 4-percent -- but that might also have problems with republicans in the house.this coming week -- about 100 cancer patients will be heading to the state house to convince legislators to pass a bill keeping minors from using indoor tanning beds. before that -- the united
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northern district is trying to make progress outside the legislature. legislature.united states attorney kevin techau is leading the charge -- partnering with many other community organizations to help fight back against the heroin epidemic that is sweeping across the united states.the idea is to warn the communities about what's been happening elsewhere -- so they recognize when heroin has started to move in near their homes. "i always thought people have the choice and they are where they are because of the choices that they made. that is true to some point but once they're deep in it, i feel like there's no choice in it anymore. coming up later -- we take a much closer look at how heroin showed up in iowa and how u-s back. the fight continues for monica vernon in her race to challenge rod blum for iowa's first district house seat.he picked up a little extra fire power when the democratic congressional campaign committee included her in their red to blue program.
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resources and be able to say she has the committee's support when she's talking to potential donors. donors. "oh i think it's great. its just one more of those bumps. it's a good boost for us. people are excited about it so i think that is good too. they get that it's just one more endorsement that says people want a fresh new voice." voice."the red-to-blue program helps candidates running for open seats or seats held by republicans.vernon got that endorsement over fellow murphy. at the end of the week -- linn county got it's newest candidate for the board of supervisors. organizer stacey walker announced that he would be running for supervisor after linda langston announced that she would not be seeking re- election.walker says one of the issues he's already paying attention to is exploring increasing the minimum wage in linn county -- to help people in lower-income neighborhoods like where he grew up. "it elevates the dignity of
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neighborhoods and it helps them better integrate into society." society."if walker wins that race -- he would be the first african american to be a linn county can see our full 20-minute sit down with stacey on our website -- cbs 2 iowa dot com under the iowa in focus section. this week the supreme court lost one of it's most outspoken voices.saturday afternoon -- antonin scalia was found dead at a texas the coming weeks -- we'll no doubt talk about the political battle that his open seat has already started -- but for now -- we remember the conservative voice -- known for following his belief that the supreme court should interpret cases based on the precise word of law -- whether it was the popular outcome or not nothe was appointed by ronald reagan in 1986.antonin scalia
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old. welcome back.this is the real story -- we're going to take the time to give context to some of the events that come up during the week.we'll dig up the information that's relevant...
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how the heroin epidemic that we've been talking about has gotten so bad. our story starts when opium usage in the united states started in the mid-1800's. opium dens were all around the wild west -- and cowboys and outlaws supposedly spent days in dreamlike trances there. from opium came a medicine that's still used today -- morphine.doctors -- and their patients -- quickly figured out that morphine was very good at dealing with pain and it was used after primative surgeries and bad injuries. during the civil war -- morphine was used a lot on the battlefield -- and predictably -- a lot of civil war veterans were addicted to it. it.enter was created in germany and quickly was shipped to the untied states -- marketed as a "safe -- non- addictive" substitute for morphine. for many years -- heroin was a drug largely done in private and by people who already had long histories of drug abuse. abuse.u-s attorney kevin techau says it carried a similar stigma as crack houses
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other drugs couldn't imagine themselves resorting to heroin. techau also says that's changed recently and the way those addicts are treated should change of the best examples of that is how this conversation has permeated the 2016 campaign trail -- specifically in a story that chris christie told that went viral about his friend from law school addicted to percoset -- which is an opioid. "by every measure that we define success in this country, this guy had it. he's a drug addict and he couldn't get help and he's dead. and when i sat there as the governor of new jersey at his funeral and looked across the pew at his three daughters sobbing because their father is gone, there there but for the grace of god, go it. it happen to anyone and so we need to start treating people in this country, not jailing them." the game changed in the 1990's when medical professionals made a consicous shift in how
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patients.they became much more likely to prescribe very powerful medicines to increase the quality of life for their patients and treat their pain much more worked -- but it also created a large amount of very powerful drugs that were suddenly being prescribed much more often. "chronic pain has always been a challenge for the medical community and then with the increase in opioid use that's available for doctors, they started to more into more common use for everyday injuries. we know that last year, across the united states, the number of opioids that were prescribed were enough for one pill bottle for every adult across the united states." when people addicted to those powerful and legal opioid drugs run out -- they're forced to get heroin on the streets. streets.the massive increases started on the east coast -- but the problem is moving west. communities in wisconsin and other parts of the midwest are already trying to battle back to avoid tragedies like janet andrews'.her husband took his own life after battling an opioid addiction that started
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"it was hard and scary because the amount of medication that he took would kill anybody. he took a lot of medication and i thought that one day he just wouldn't wake up." the effect heroin has already had in other parts of the united states is well- documented.but we're not done with this topic quite yet... after the break...we sit down with the man leading the charge against heroin
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welcome back to iowa in focus. this week, we're joined with u-s attorney for the northern district of iowa, kevin techau. we're talking about the eastern iowa heroin iniative.
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desk? if you look across the usa, in the northest and ohio, there is an opioid heroin crisis. the nubmer of deaths has qualrupled in the last seven years. we're at a point in iowa where we're starting to see this develop and we can get out ahead of it. it.where has been effected? effected? the st louis area, madison and chicago. chicago. what is there to learn from
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communities? a good wya to look at any problem that has a public health connection is evidence based. we know in other places, over prescription of opioids caused more poeple to go to heroin. 3/4 of heroin addicts started from legal opioids. they start will pills and when that becomes too expensive. they go to heroin.
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iowa? a good way to measure it is nationally. car crashses has been teh #1 cause of deaths for years, drug overdoses has far surpassed it. massachusetts had well over a thousand and iowa had 20 but trends hcan happen quickly. quickly.what makes trends blow up? up? what we do know is over prescription and more chances on teh street for heroin.
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has hit the streets that is extremely dangerous. they get a high theycan't control and die. die.what do you hope people walk away from town halls with? with?this is a public health issue and law enforcement issue. if we can address it on the public health standpoint, we odn't have to spend as much time on the law enforcement side. knowing that law enforcement is going to stand shoulder to shoulder to addres this problem from all angles. still to come...the kind message one former presidential candidate had for two others after the 2016 race lost two contenders. mom: seriously?
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look at what happened on social media... story that got some traction this week was about how hillary clinton leads the delegate count so far even after losing new hampshire because of super delegates.we posted that on facebook -- --alan says -- the democrat party is far from democratic. their candidate was chosen before the first vote was cast. worth noting that super delegates *can change their mind. mind.mike posted - bernie won and still lost ... now -- we lookokat their voice -- what the candidates and their campaigns are posting on social media. media.this week -- we take a loook at what mitt romney has been sending out.he's been pretty active during the 2016 race -- this week he had parting messages for carly fiorina and chris christie. christie.on chris christie -- romney said: thank you @chrischristie for pushing the race towards real and honest solutions. your candor and integrity on the trail will be missed. missed.for fiorina: courage
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have defined the @carlyfiorina campaign. thank you for standing up and standing tall kind of interesting to see. you can follow along on twitter and facebook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures from events you go to. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what the campaigns are up to. to.the next test for both parties are at the end of this week.saturday -- nevada democrats caucus for their winner -- while south caroline republicans hit the polls.then three days later -- on tuesday next week -- the parties switch -- nevada republicans have their say while south carolina democrats vote on the 27th. thanks for watchingbe sure to tune in next week to get the
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